Wax Warmers & Accessories approved for wax melts from Melt It Scented Wax

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Stunning mosaic glass wax warmers or burners approved for wax melts. They look absolutely beautiful when a T-light is lit below. Simply pop in a candle melt, light a tealight beneath the dish and wait for your scented wax to melt.

Watch the gorgeous patterns as the flame dances below, casting a glow to the surrounding area.

To save confusion, all of our warmers are approved for wax melts, we do not sell oil burners, although similar, oil burners are intended for use with fragrance oils. Thus, they are NOT safe to use with wax melts. So, what is the difference? The easiest way to tell, would be size. A wax melter is much bigger than an oil burner. The distance between the flame and the dish is greater, therefor the dish doesn’t get as hot with a wax warmer as it does with an oil burner.

Be safe, get the right product for the job!

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