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Wax Tarts

Wax tarts are a popular choice of many people, now even more than ever. We have created several categories so there is a fragrance to suit all, what’s more, they’re handmade by us right here in the UK.

Our tarts are so easily identifiable, because we have our very own custom made mould. Each tart has been pourd into the form of our very own wax seal logo and we love it! When using a wax melter that is heated via a heat bulb, the “Melt It” text glows, it is really pretty.

Our categories:

Floral scented wax, laundry, fruity, perfume inspired, bakery, food and drink melts, mystical, and sweet shop.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. If you’re not completely happy with your purchase, pop us an email and let us know! We will always do our very best to deliver the greatest possible shopping experience. You can contact us here.

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