Scented Wax Melts | Handmade soy mini wax melts & highly scented candle melts

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Scented wax tarts are a popular choice of many people, now even more so than ever. Due to this, we have created several categories of highly scented soy wax melts, handmade by us right here in the UK.

Our categories include floral wax melts, with favourites such as Fresh Cut Roses, The Flower Shop and Lily Of The Valley scented wax melts.

Due to the ever-growing popularity, we added a Laundry type scents range. Including, Luscious Laundry, Snuggly & Soft and Fresh Linen.

Not forgetting our all-time best selling fruity wax melts. Black Cherry Bomb packs a serious punch. Blackberry Fizz is uber fizzy and of course, our fabulously fruity Monkey Farts candle melts.

Next up is the category filled to the brim with nostalgia. You guessed it, Sweet Shop inspired wax tarts. When I was a child every trip to the local market resulted in a great big bag of Rainbow Sherbet.

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