Mini Wax Melts, all of your favourite candle melts, in miniature

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Mini wax melts, one of our most popular products.

So, what are they?

Well, in short, they are the same as our full-sized melts, only in miniature. They weigh in at around 1.5g each and can be bought in bags of 50 or jars of 100 mini wax melts. We recommend using at least 10 to get a reasonable melt pool.

Mini wax tarts are simply fabulous, because you can create your own signature fragrance. Just pop a few of your favourites into your wax warmer together and allow them to melt. The possibilities are endless. I personally love all things baby powder. It is such a versatile scent and goes so well with so many fragrances. I like to combine it with the mystical melt, dragons blood, however it’s equally lovely with lavender. Super relaxing and luxurious.

What’s your favourite scent combination? If there could be just one, what would it be?

Ok, the fragrance has diminished, now what?

Once all the fragrance has burned off, it is time to change the wax melt in your Wax Melter. There are many ways to do this, however the safest and in our opinion easiest way is this: First allow the wax to solidify and cool completely. This is important, because molten wax can cause burns, ruin carpets/surfaces and get up to all sorts of mischief. We wouldn’t want that! Next, turn your warmer back on for 1-2 minutes, or just long enough to allow the bottom of the wax to heat up just enough to release it from your warmers dish, then it will just slide out with ease. Discard of the unscented wax and replace with brand spanking new.

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