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Nostalgia at its best. “Sweet Shop Wax Melts” inspired solely by candy. Not everybody loves sweets, however, those that do are going to love the medley of sweet aroma! It’s like a pick n mix for your nose.

Let’s start with my own personal favourite, “salt water taffy” wax melts. First, what is taffy? Dentists look away now! It is the American term for what we Brits would call chews. It’s hard but chewy, really tasty and like all of the best sweets, gets stuck in your teeth. This is my favourite in the “sweet shop wax melts” category, because it has an amazing scent throw. It fills multiple rooms with sweet sugary fragrance and unlike the candy, lasts for a good while too.

Bubblegum scented wax melts also deserve a mention, as they are probably this categories best seller. Of course, it is such a well-known scent that it needs no introduction.