Seductive Wax Melts | handmade in the UK

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Seductive Wax Melts, the art of seduction. Why not unwind with our specially selected seductive scents. Firstly, Bite me, next, Lick me all over, then get Butt naked and try Sex on the beach… 50 shades of wax anyone?
Although the seductive wax melt names are quite amusing, they’re also really stunning. To begin, “Bite Me” has notes of dark cherry and lime. Adding to that, it’s really fizzy and refreshing.
Next, “Sex on the Beach” is a fruity combination of fresh ripened peaches, freshly squeezed oranges, and spiced cranberry. Definitely a more relaxing fragrance to the fizz of Bite Me.
Finally, “Lick me all over” seductive wax melts are quite sweet, it includes both fruity, as well as floral notes. Quite feminine, super sexy, also, contains the fun factor.
Every candle melt is handmade in small batches right here in the UK. Love, care and attention go into each one.