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Perfume wax melts. Where to begin? I adore this category, I used to be a huge fan of fruity wax melts. However, slowly but surely, perfume and designer inspired candle melts have stolen my preference. Pretty feminine scents are amongst my favourites, for example, pink sugar and angel. That said, my ultimate fragrance from this category has to be chocolate orchid. I don’t know how to describe the aroma but I assure you, it is never what you imagine it to be. It is firstly, perfume. But an unusual perfume. Some people detect a hint of chocolate, I, however, do not. It really is one you have to try to truly appreciate.

Or, if you read our title of “perfume wax melts”, and think to yourself “I prefer something more masculine”. We have you covered too. Try our Aqua Di Gio, Midsummers Nights or Mermaid Kisses candle melts. Inspired by men, you won’t be disappointed.