Fruity Wax Melts

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Here is our full range of “Fruity Wax Melts”. Firstly, they are bursting with fragrance. They are fruity, fresh and invigorating. Fruity “wax melts” are our most popular range, mostly, due to their diversity. Notes of citrus, berries, sweet fruits, sour fruits. Actually, the list is almost endless.

Our most popular fruity candle melts include Black Cherry. Why? well, why not? It’s sweet, pretty, and, of course, fruity. Black Raspberry & Vanilla is a strong scent choice. Raspberry Lemonade,  sugar-sweetened lemons, mixed with fresh raspberries poured over crushed ice.

Rainbow is a medley of apples and pears. Monkey farts, well, where to start? Believe me,  it is absolutely NOT your initial thought, instead, it is named just for fun and is one of our best sellers. Mostly, its a mixture of bananas and all of the things that monkeys eat. However, for a fun twist, there is a strong scent of bubblegum. It’s in a word, genius.