Floral Wax Melts | A bouquet of aroma. Pretty, delicate handmade scented floral wax melts.

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Floral Wax Melts are quite simply an astonishingly beautiful fragrant bouquet of aroma. If you like floral scents, you should try our secret garden gift box, but be quick! We somehow never quite manage to keep stock for long.

Our floral scented candle melt range includes some old favourites such as; Japanese Cherry Blossom, which is subtle and sophisticated. Fresh cut roses, the heart of blooms. Chocolate orchid has a striking perfumy aroma. A more recent introduction to our floral wax melts range is “The Flower Shop” which is true to its name. Its a whole bouquet of scents including both the bloom and the freshly cut stems. Exactly like walking into a florist, also, one of our strongest florals yet.

Our scented wax melts are created by hand, in our own unique moulds that resemble our very own logo, they’re a lovely soft wax, which is easy to chop up. Half a melt is usually all you need to use.

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