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Laundry Wax Melts

Clean fresh and laundry wax melts are certainly a favourite amongst oh so many, now even more so than ever. As a result, we have created a clean fresh fragrance range of scented soy wax melts,  solely intended for use in wax warmers.

Here are some great examples of our scents. Baby powder is most certainly true to life. Fresh linen reminds me of laundry day, but without the work! as does clean cotton. Dove is probably the cleanest scent.

Our soy clean fresh wax melts range is quite extensive, furthermore, everything we create here at Melt It is handmade. We use only the best possible quality ingredients thus you can be assured that you are getting value for money. We absolutely most definitely love what we do, are passionate about everything candle melt that we create.  More importantly, we care about what YOU think of our products AND customer service.

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