Bakery Wax Melts | Food & drink inspired scented wax soy candle melts.

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Bakery wax melts, fragrances that will make your mouth water.

Buttercream cupcake bakery wax melts are to die for, their scent of churned whipped butter frosting is spot on. If you prefer, our food and drink range is here too, alongside our bakery waxes. I personally love blue raspberry slushy. It may sound utterly ridiculous, but you can even catch the essence of crushed ice! It’s such a sweet, fruity and refreshing scent. It reminds me of a day at the beach, sun shining, beach balls riding the wind and a raspberry Slush Puppy drink in hand. Yummy!

I have always found this category to be fascinating. It is one of those fragrance groups that you can really relate to. Key Lime Pie, for instance, you can really pick up on every aspect of the scent, from the fresh key lime whipped vanilla cream filling, right down to the baked pie crust. Just how it can smell so good and not be real is beyond me.

I love being able to guess a fragrance from just the smell, its like baby powder. You just know what it is even before you se it. Or, in keeping with the theme, chocolate cupcake. You instantly know from the very first sniff. I do have to admint though, chocolate scents are not my thing.

In contrast, and if you have more of a sweet tooth, we have a few Candle Melts from our sweet shop range here. Not quite bakery wax melts of course, but, they are food related so earned their spot.
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