Fresh Cut Roses Wax Melts


Fresh Cut Roses wax melts – 6 segment snap pot, just snap off a chunk or two, pop them into your wax approved warmer, and wait for the floral fragrange to fill your room.

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Fresh Cut Roses wax melts – 6 segment snap pot, just snap off a chunk or two, pop them into your wax approved warmer, and wait for the fragrange to fill your room.

Fresh-cut roses scented wax melts, you’ll be amazed by their likeness. These beautiful candle melts smell exactly like their name.

Did you know that the various colours of roses stand for different meanings? They are a perfect gift for valentines day and mothers day. Who wouldn’t like a dozen red roses to symbolize love? A True red rose is for lovers, Fiery red is passion, Cardinal red symbolizes desires, Fully bloomed red means “I still love you”, Red rose buds are given to first loves, Yellow is for friendship and domestic happiness, as well as a symbol of sympathy. Orange is for pride or awe. Peach shows appreciation. Pink equals elegance or gentility. White shows unity, sincerity, loyalty and purity. Purple is majestic glory and eternal love. Lavender or Lilac means love at first sight or the beginning of true feelings. Deep purple is reserved for very intimate situations and Black symbolizes death.

What are wax melts?

Candle Melts are an amazing alternative to scented candles, in addition to this, they are safer to use. Firstly, they are fast melting. Pop one into your wax warmer, grab a cuppa and upon your return, your room has filled with fragrance. In addition, they’re so easy to use compared to candles because they require no wick trimming. As a result, they are essentially a wick-less candle.

Some wax warmers are operated by a tealight candle, however, in contrast to that, and my favoured choice, some are plug in. We have found during extensive testing that the scent lasts a little longer in electric warmers, but consequently throws a little stronger in tealight burners.

In conclusion, heat / melt your “fresh cut roses wax melts” to release the fragrance. Replace wax after the fragrance has completely diminished.

How do I remove old wax from my wax melter?

Easy! First, wait for your wax to solidify and completely cool. Next, turn on your wax warmer for 1-2 minutes, just long enough to melt the underside of the wax allowing it to slide right out.

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6 segment wax melt snap pot




Warning – Causes serious eye irritation. May produce an allergic reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.