Alien Wax Melts


Alien wax melts – very similar to a well-known perfume.


Alien wax melts, a mystical fragrance indeed!

These Alien wax melts smell out of this world! And they’re so much like a well-known perfume.

Alien Wax Melts, Where to begin?

What would an alien smell like? Well in this instance, so many scents unite flawlessly, capturing notes of yellow and green melons, citrus notes of mandarin. Feminine hints of orange blossoms, jasmine and rose with stunning tones of vanilla and musk. It’s alien indeed but, it works! As far as the fragrance throw, Alien is on par with most perfume scents. They’re not the strongest fragrance group in the world, however, that adds to their elegance providing a more pretty, delicate scent. We personally love it!

Do Aliens Exist?

There was once a very well documented report stemming from an interview with astronaut Buzz Aldrin. During which, he portrays a time during the Apollo 11 mission, where he believes to have seen a UFO. In an interview, Buzz Aldrin expressed that he, Neil Armstrong, and Mike Collins all saw unidentified objects in the form of light, that seemed to be following their Apollo rocket. However, during a more recent report, it was explained that a reflection of the sun bouncing off a panel that separated from the craft after launch was a likely possibility.

An extraordinary array of coincidences provides life as we know it. For instance, how we are in a position that’s the perfect distance from the sun to neither burn nor freeze. How the moon is able to affect our tides in a beneficial nature, the stabilizing effect that the moon has on Earths rotation. When the Earth rotates it wobbles slightly back and forth on its axis. Without the Moon, we’d have quite a wobble!

Can we really be the only planet whose coincidences made way for life as we know it? Or are there, in fact, aliens? are we a mere spec of population amongst a number that cannot be predicted of others life forms? Do alien wax melts actually smell of their muse?

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Weight28 g
Dimensions50 × 50 × 2 mm
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