Christmas Wax Melts Set

Christmas wax melts
Introducing 8 brand new festive fragrances in our little shot pots. Each one named after Santas Reindeer. Sure to get you in the Christmas Spirit.

Brand new fragrances, each one with its own festive twist. It’s all about tradition this year with our Christmas Wax Melts set.

DASHER loves dancing on snow-laden ground. Leaving reindeer hoof prints all scattered around. With sharp eucalyptus and florals galore. A festive like fragrance with Amber, lily and more.
DANCERS laid back in her cosy abode, a warm rich aroma, she’s not out in the cold. With mulled wine and berries enlivened by spice! These Christmas wax melts are nothing but nice.
PRANCER smells of cookies, hot from the oven. Swilled down with hot white cocoa, you’d be daft not to love them.
for VIXEN envision a warm fireside scene, an enchanting aroma, a winter night dream. Frankincense immersed in warm amber, and myrrh. With patchouli, and cedar, and rich vetiver.
COMET a wonder in a festive night sky. For a true winter season, just watch her fly by. This aromatic wax melt smells like citrus and spice. It’s warm and it’s festive and most definitely nice.
CUPID is fruity and deliciously sweet, with frosted cranberries it’s a true winter treat.
DONNER – Frankincense & cherry, wow what a melt. It’s the immersed in warm amber, the best thing I’ve smelt.
BLITZEN is all about Mrs. Claus Christmas cake, a spicy accord, and the ultimate festive bake. With raisins, and fig, pears, and cinnamon too. Hot Christmas cake, washed down with a brew.

christmas wax melts set