Wax Melts are firstly, the fastest growing home fragrance option in the UK. So what makes us different. Well, we have two categories, run by a voting system that you can find within each product listing. Let me explain more.

You can find the absolute corkers in “The Keepers”. They’ve not only been approved by us, but also, approved by you. We wont add a keeper unless it’s something a bit special.

“In Limbo”, these are brand new fragrances that require a vote, or fragrances that we thought were fab, but have not yet been reviewed by you. The good news, you get to choose to keep them. The bad news, once they’re gone, they’re gone! Unless of course we get enough votes or feedback to make it a Keeper.

So get involved! What will you choose? Keep, or Ditch?

Home Fragrance New Releases!

Our Fragrance Categories


Introducing, at last, our highly Scented Wax Tarts & Candle Melts Lovingly handmade in the UK.

What are wax melts?

Candle Melts are an amazing alternative to scented candles, in addition to this, they are safer to use. First, they are fast melting. Pop one into your wax warmer, grab a cuppa and upon your return, your room will be filled with fragrance. Finally, they’re so easy to use compared to candles because they require no wick trimming. As a result, they are essentially a wick-less candle.
Some wax warmers are operated by a T-Light candle, however, in contrast to that, and my favoured choice, some are plugin. We have found during extensive testing that the scent lasts a little longer in electric warmers, but consequently throws a little stronger in T-Light burners.
In conclusion, heat / melt the wax to release the fragrance. Replace wax after the fragrance has completely diminished.

A Bit About Us

To begin, we are a small family run business with a passion for home fragrance. Attention to detail is key. Thus a rule, our products, not only look great but, smell amazing. Also, most importantly, we comply with the CLP guidelines. Furthermore, we offer exceptional value for money.

Our Wax

We use our very own wax blend, in addition, we use the highest quality fragrances sourced from not only the united kingdom; but as far as the USA.

We believe that testing is key to an amazing product, due to this, we work hard with you to be our product testers. We work rather hard to try and keep a stock of pre-cured, ready to melt, wax.

Would definitely recommend melt_it_scentedwax the melts were lovely and they lasted a long time.
The owner Tina is lovely, kept me up to date from taking the order to me receiving it. Overall very pleased. Will buy again xx Sam

Ooh my dear lord, I’m actually 100000% In heaven right now, “cold sniff” 10 out of 10 before I placed it in my warmer.
It’s part melted now and oh my days it’s filling the entire top floor of my house where I currently work in my office.
Bringing absolute floral freshness I NEEEEEEEEDDD MORE of this ❤️ I’m super duper happy right now – Jo

WOW, what an amazingly strong, juicy, and mouth-watering fragrance. This juicy melt has, not only notes of lemon, but also, lime, orange, pineapple, and sweet strawberry on a base of creamy vanilla.
It has such a strong sweet and fizzy throw which fills your whole room and more within minutes of melting. If like my self you love a strong sweet and sherbet scent then I would highly recommend giving this company a go there melts really are amazing 💖 – waxislife2020