Pink Sugar Wax Melts


Pink Sugar Wax Melts
This one is a dupe of the perfume! Its a fruity blend of candy floss, lemon drop sweets, sweet caramel, raspberry, jam, and a hint of musk.


Pink Sugar Wax Melts

Wax Melts smell divine in Pink Sugar! Our version of pink sugar candle melts, reminds me of a perfume type aroma! Seriously loved by a lot of our customers for its fun, flirty, fruity tones. With fragrant notes of candy floss, lemon drops, caramel, raspberry, jam, and just a hint of musk.
Not only sweet, but fruity, feminine and fabulous! At first, I didn’t much care for this scent. I was very much a fruity kind of gal and this is very much a perfume, although it does have fruity notes. That said, it wasn’t long before I simply loved it!

For the blend-aholics out there who own a mixology wax burner, this fragrance is perfect. It blends very well with lots of fragrances, we love “Pink Alien“, I’m sure you can guess the blend.